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Insulating and Air sealing ballon framed house

JamesSS | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I have a ballon framed double brick house from 1892. This is my first winter here and last month I spent $900 on propane to heat. I had an energy audit done and now I’m working on a plan to air seal and insulate. I’ve read lots on here and other forums but have a few specific questions I couldn’t find answered. I’m planning on getting the basement and crawlspace walls sprayfoamed and also the headers for air sealing. I am also hoping to spray foam the attic to air seal and then blow cellulose over top. No wall insulating to avoid any issues with water and moisture, the brick needs pointing and I’m afraid the walls would get wet. My issue is the ceiling in the second floor is angled at the walls so in the attic there is no access to air seal the top of the exterior walls in many places. I’m trying to eliminate the chimney effect. My current plan is to spray foam the area where the roof meets the attic floor in these areas. Can anyone see issues with this plan or have a better idea. One problem I see is this would seal off some of the soffit vents so I have a roofer coming to asses that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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