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Insulating Attic with Connected Cathedral Ceiling

francis_o | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I started with a goal of installing solar which led to reroofing because the asphalt roof is 14 years old, which led to wanting a metal roof, but I also want to improve the house tightness. My conclusion is I need to put off solar and likely the metal roof to work on the insulation first.

I have a ducted a/c installed to handle the upstairs rooms and the air handler and ducting is in the attic. I’m really drawn to an unvented attic but the 2 story colonial in Massachusetts has a garage with a room over the top. The peak of this roof opens to the main attic and there’s now a duct for the room vent in that wing poking out. If I were to insulate to the main roofline, how could I deal with this opening?


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