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Insulating Shed to become Pool House

Texasgirl20 | Posted in General Questions on

I need to know which insulation I need for my 20 x 12 metal shed. I am making it into a pool house.

Bathroom, sink, bed. Is made of 2 x 4’s, and plywood floor on beam, sheet metal siding, aluminum type doors, 2 small windows.

I live in north Texas, summer can be over 100 degrees and some winters 10 degrees for a few days.

Am putting in ductless air/heat unit. Using Lifeproof Luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Studs are mostly 22 in apart, some 18 and 30 inches apart. Ceiling is studs and sheet metal also.

Also, can I add this before my electrician and plumber get started? Or wait.? on a budget, need cheapest solution, but do NOT want to deal with roll fiberglass insulation.

Thank you

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    So this shed only will be occupied occasionally, correct? It would help if you can post some pictures. That way we can see if the shed has a sheathing layer or not and how much attic space is available for insulation, for example.

    You will want to address the floor as well and a cold-floor strategy that prevents critters from invading might make sense. Also think about keeping plumbing lines out of exterior walls or including some way to drain the system.

    If you don't want to use fiberglass and do want to save on funds, blown in cellulose or rockwool batts would be worth considering. Or, if you have to remove the sheds siding, you could install reclaimed rigid foam on the exterior. There are lots of options.

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