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Insulation Question

michael35 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I have 2 insulation companies. Quotes are similar and both are blown in borate treated cellulose. one uses 3 mil reinforced poly and the other uses the mesh webbing? what is the general feeling on these 2 methods? I have concern with breathability and was wondering what the Pro’s thought??

It is a small 20×30 structure that will also use 1.5 inch wood fiber insulation board on the walls as well as (2×6 walls and 2×10 rafters) blown in cellulose. I live in central Maine.

thanks Michael

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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    I wouldn't use poly if you ever use AC. Consider MemBrain on the interior to limit moisture entering the wall.

  2. ssnellings | | #2

    I suspect the 3mil reinforced poly isn't a great choice, but I would ask the contractor why he uses it instead of netting/webbing (I wonder how long it will take 'insulweb' to go the way of 'kleenex' and 'google' and become a generic trademark). You might learn something interesting about how that contractor performs work.

    The dense pack barriers I've seen used in order of frequency: insulweb, existing drywall (densepacking existing walls), and Pro Clima Intello.

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