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Interesting dilemma with mounted light fixture

rcl330 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Hi everyone,

I’m a novice to most things home improvement, so bear with me on this potentially ridiculous question. 🙂

I was trying to remove a hanging light fixture in the kitchen and mount a new one, and I noticed when I got the current fixture lowered, the cord of the light was attached to a slightly recessed black adapter within the mounting bracket that read safe switch/not interchangeable with other lamps (if not descriptive enough, I can provide a picture.)

What I was expecting was to lower the lamp from the mount and unscrew a couple of twist caps/ground and be done, but I didn’t see any twist caps for the current light.

There was only a little bit of thread available on the bottom of this switch, not really even enough to grab with my fingers and unscrew — so maybe a wrench or something is required.

Does anyone know what that might be/how to properly remove it? I unscrewed the screws of the mounting bracket as well, but it didn’t just pull down out of the outlet box.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I think that you should post a photo.

  2. rcl330 | | #2

    Hi Martin, thank you -- attached is a picture.

  3. davidmeiland | | #3

    Remove the two screws through the metal wings and that transformer should pull down, revealing romex wires that you connect your new fixture to. The wires may provide some physical resistance as you pull. The transformer won't be part of the new installation.

  4. rcl330 | | #4

    Thanks David... I tried removing screws/pulling down, but it wasn't seeming to cooperate. I'll give it a slightly harder tug/try to work it down with something and let you know if that works. Appreciate it!

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