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Intergrating new housewrap with existing trim

Alexander Lane | Posted in General Questions on

I am re-siding my house with Hardiplank, and installing Hydrogap housewrap first. I am not changing most of the wood trim, since it’s in pretty good shape and doing so would increase the work dramatically.

What is the best way to integrate the new housewrap with the trim? That is, should I just run it close to the trim and tape the edge down? Doing so seems inadequate, since wind and water will be able to get under the trim and into the walls, (once the caulk cracks). 

Should I try to pry up the edge of the trim and tuck a strip of aluminum flashing a couple of inches underneath, then tuck the housewrap under that and tape that seam? I’ve done some of this, but it’s fussy and I’m not sure if it’s accomplishing much.

What do contractors do in this situation? Any good ideas out there?

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