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Interior Wall insulation in basement

M Sparacino | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I’m finishing only the center part of my basement. On either side of the finished room will be unfinished space for storage with no insulation on those perimeter walls. I’ve already read about insulating the two exterior walls inside the finished room but what about the other two sides that are actually still in the basement. My basement stays 55 in the winter for what it’s worth. Finished space will be heated with central air. Thanks

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  1. Reid Baldwin | | #1

    I would properly insulate the entire perimeter, including the storage rooms. That should make the rooms above those spaces more comfortable and lower heat loss.

  2. M Sparacino | | #2

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately That's not in the cards right now. My entire basement is 4000sq ft. Too much money. Would I just insulate as if it were an exterior wall or maybe frame 2x6 walls with just batts?

  3. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #3

    Have you checked into reclaimed rigid foam (Insulation Depot, for example)? It is usually about one quarter the price of new material. You may be able to stretch your budget and do more of the basement than you think.

  4. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    You can insulate the partition walls any way you want -- with fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, rigid foam, or spray foam. No matter what type of insulation you use for these partitions, pay attention to airtightness.

  5. Esther Jones | | #5

    You can take professional advice.

  6. M Sparacino | | #6

    Thanks martin

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