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Tips for Applying Intumescent Paint

aunsafe2015 | Posted in General Questions on

Any particular recommendations for a type of mask/respirator for spraying DC315 intumescent paint?  Ventilation will be good — exhaust fan in one window, with another open window across the room for fresh air.

Also, any tips or tricks from people who have applied this before?


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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    I haven't used that particular product before (I typically sub out this kind of work), so I can't comment on application. Usually you need to put down a pretty heavy/thick layer of the product. I'd grab a copy of the technical data sheet (TDS) for the product which should give you all the info you need for proper application.

    The materials safety data sheet (MSDS) will tell you about the respirator needs. I typically use one of the combination respirator cartridges in 3M's P100 line. These cover wider ranges of materials than non-combo cartridges, but there are still several versions so you need to get the right one. You can call 3M and ask, they can usually point you in the right direction as can many of the industrial distributors of those respirators.


    1. aunsafe2015 | | #2

      Thanks for the response. And Yep, I've reviewed the sheets and know how thick a layer to put down, and have a wet mil gauge to confirm I'm applying correctly.

  2. jberks | | #4

    This bot has obviously never painted before 😂

    I'll be sure to stock up on my lint free wipes...

  3. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    Julian, can you say something to prove you aren't a bot? Your comments read like AI. But I don't want to make assumptions.

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