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Is anybody aware of an hybrid air-source heat pump and gas boiler available in U.S. market?

decumanus | Posted in Mechanicals on

I know Daikin makes one for the the European market, but I can’t find a similar product that is available here.

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  1. user-2890856 | | #1

    What exactly would you be looking to do with such a unit Joseph ?

  2. decumanus | | #2

    Both dhw and radiant floor heat.

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    The equipment you are talking about appears to be a Daikin Altherma that is programmed to coordinate performance with a tankless gas boiler; more information is here:

    In the warmer sections of the U.S., it is common for HVAC contractors to install an air-source heat pump for space heating, for use when outdoor air temperatures are mild, and to also install a gas furnace that comes on when the outdoor temperature drops to about 25 degrees F.

    These days, now that cold-climate heat pumps have been invented, there are fewer reasons to install these two types of heating systems.

  4. charlie_sullivan | | #4

    Daikin does sell an air-source hydronic heat pump here. Someone good with controls could wire up controls for that with any boiler to do what you want. But you might be fine with just the air-source heat pump.

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