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Is anyone familiar with

slateandall | Posted in General Questions on

I’ve been thinking of ways to improve seal of single pane swing out windows. I don’t like the look or cost of new Windows. 

I ran across these interior window pane thingies called Indows. 

Any thoughts or experience with them?

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  1. oberon | | #1

    It's a sheet of plexiglas with a compression fitting that you install in your window frame as an interior storm.
    It should work okay, but at $30 to almost $40 ft², there may be more cost effective alternatives.

    1. slateandall | | #4

      I have lots of plexiglass panels that are about 1” too big all around and no way to trim it to size or to apply compression fitting.

  2. user-2310254 | | #2

    I checked into it, but the insets were almost as costly as a new replacement window.

  3. slateandall | | #3

    I tried these. A lot cheaper but not plexiglass. They’re made of acrylic on aluminum frame.

  4. Deleted | | #5


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