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Is anyone familiar with In’Flector, an invisible radiant window insulator?

Brooke Guthman | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Curious if it really does work.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    This is a semi-transparent window screen. Here is a link to an analysis:

    The screen significantly reduces visual transmittance (VT), from 0.76 to 0.27, so it isn't completely transparent, and it certainly isn't "invisible."

    In the "summer configuration" it changes the performance of a single-glazed window from 0.82 SHGC to 0.36 SHGC.

    In the "winter configuration" it changes the performance of a single-glazed window from U-1.2 to U-0.74. That's nowhere near as good as a double-glazed low-e window.

    1. InflectorGlobal | | #5

      Hello Bryce, your panel link isn't bringing up our product but I hope you would take a look at our overview for more information.

  2. Randy Lippart | | #2

    I have the inflector screens on all my windows, they work great, 3yr year now. Even have them on skylights. If put in correct, 2inch air space between glass and screen. No more cold air coming in glass and I have double pane well made windows. I live in central Pa. Would buy again great investment for saving energy.

  3. Peter L | | #3

    These screens seem like they would make sense for someone wanting to help reduce the SHGC on windows during the swing seasons, especially in a Passive House. What is the cost of these screens? With them installed, do they cause any glazing overheating issues if they are reflecting the SHG back out the window? Are they easily removed?

  4. Randy Lippart | | #4

    screens are made like any other screen, frame with rubber roll holding in frame, magnent strips are in frame of window and when you put frame in , they snap in place, air tight area between screen and glass. I used to have moisture on inside of windows when it got cold out, not now, and if no moisture is getting thru screens , how much warm air from room do you think gets thru. Snow on skylights doesn't melt till sun hits them. A little pricey, $20 sq ft. With oil over $3 gal , how many gal would you save. All I know is I would buy them again, they work for me.

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