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Is Benjamin Moore Regal Matte paint safe for someone who is chemically sensitive?

Masb333 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m chemically sensitive and have to do some painting in my house. Benjamin Moore says Regal is zero VOC just as Natura is, but Natura is double filtered. I’d like to use Matte finish (which Natura doesn’t come in), but am wondering if I’ll react to it. Anyone on here with MCS have a problem with BM Regal? Thanks!

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  1. Trevor_Lambert | | #1

    Is it the VOCs you are sensitive to? Zero is zero. I'm not sure what the double filtering is intended to filter out. I doubt it's VOCs, but I could see no reference to it on Moore's website.

    As MSC is a very non-specific condition, I wouldn't necessarily expect one person's experience with a product to predict another person's experience.

    1. Masb333 | | #2

      Thanks for your response, Trevor! The whole Chemical Sensitivity thing is still new to me, so not sure what all bothers me. Fortunately I'm getting less sensitive. Got beat down from Mold, but am improving. Thanks!

  2. user-2310254 | | #3

    You have to be careful about reading too much into any company's low or zero VOC statements. It is my understanding that most manufacturers are referring only to regulated chemicals. One vendor suggested buying a sample of any paint you are considering and give it the smell test. Better still, open the container and place it in a sealed plastic bag for a few hours. Next, open the bag and check for smells. Personally, I really like potassium silicate paint because it has no odor (at least to me).

    1. T_Barker | | #4

      I agree.

      I'd have to do some digging to recall where I read about this, but "zero" VOC claims in paint are not really zero in most cases.

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