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Is grace ice and water air tight?

airfix | Posted in General Questions on

If grace ice and water is applied to the whole roof deck is it considered an air tight layer?

The sticky side of the grace doesn’t seem very sticky and is easily peeled up from the osb decking. 


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  1. Expert Member

    Yes it's air-tight. It usually adheres pretty well to OSB as long as it is not dusty, but in any case, it adheres tenaciously to itself at the laps.

  2. AppliedBuildScience | | #2

    Yes, a very good one as well if applied correctly.

  3. seabornman | | #3

    Are you using the standard or "Select" version of Grace's product? I find the Select is not nearly as sticky to anything, including itself. I also find the standard version to stick to osb fairly well.

    1. airfix | | #4


      I'm nor really sure what they are using. The Grace they are using has a granular top surface.


      1. Expert Member
        Akos | | #5

        Thats not Grace ice and water, probably a different brand of ice protection membrane.

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