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Is interior stem wall insulation a viable option in my scenario?

Stanfo3 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,
I really appreciate all of the info I get from this website through questions and reading others questions.

Im looking for input as to whether insulating the interior side of the stem wall will work for me.

I’m looking at building on a lot in a flood zone in climate 6 (near a river in the Midwest).  It won’t take much to build elevation to build up and out of the flood zone. Lot has a slight slope and building out of flood zone would require extending height of stem walls 6’ on the back side of house so 6’ of concrete would be exposed to the elements.  sewer line will come up from the ground about 2’ from the back of the home (near the exposed stem wall).  

If insulating the interior of the stem wall is a viable option should I run insulation all the way down and below outside ground elevation all the way around the home or will insulation under slab pick up most of the thermal breaking benefit of insulation? House will be cement slab for first floor.  Also, will sewer be prone to freezing if I don’t insulate all the way down. 

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Stan,

    Trying to wrap my head around your description (on a Monday morning...), do you have a section drawing?

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