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Is it best to use APA rated sheathing?

Debra_Ann | Posted in General Questions on

I’m trying to use better quality material for building our house.  I ordered plywood, specifying APA rated sheathing, the thickness category, span rating, and exposure bond classification.  I ordered this in writing, and received a phone call from my lumber company confirming that the plywood would meet my specifications.

The plywood I received had stamps that were almost completely illegible.  I took photos of the stamps, and emailed them to the APA organization to ask if these were valid APA stamps.

They contacted me back, saying that they were NOT APA stamps. And that the stamps were so illegible to make it impossible to confirm what certifying agency might be involved.

So, my question is: How strongly do you folks feel about using APA rated material?  I had a terrible experience years ago with T-111 siding that delaminated within 2 years of application.  I really don’t want to go through that again.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Debra,

    The APA label is the only label that I am familiar with, so I wonder what is included on the label on the sheathing that you received. Perhaps you could share a photo.

    There are ASTM standards for structural sheathing and ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria. Does the label includes one of those that you could check.?

  2. Debra_Ann | | #2

    For some reason, this website won't let me attach images here. But the stamps are so illegible, that only 15/32 CAT is visible. Nothing else.

  3. Patrick_OSullivan | | #3

    I would say I feel strongly about getting the material I specify, particularly if that specification is explicitly acknowledged.

    APA rated plywood is available all over the place, including from the big home stores we all love to hate. I would tell them to come pick it up and replace it with what you ordered.

  4. Debra_Ann | | #4

    Thanks. Yes, I did have them take it back. I eventually found out that those sheets were certified by a company called TECO. I've never heard of them. They supposedly have the same standards as APA products, but I wasn't comfortable depending on an unfamiliar company.

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