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Is it cool to use butyl and acrylic tape together?

kfree | Posted in General Questions on

Have some tyvek flex tape, is there some chemical weirdness that might occur with say 3m all weather?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You can allow butyl tapes and acrylic tapes to touch each other. They should be compatible.

    The major compatibility issue with peel-and-stick products and tapes concerns butyl tapes and asphalt roofing cement. You don't want to use butyl tapes anywhere near roofing products containing asphalt.

    For more information on compatibility issues, see Choosing Flexible Flashings.

    1. graymoments | | #3

      Martin, would the butyl issue with asphalt also include composite asphalt shingles like Duration, or is it only with the cement?

      1. Expert Member
        Peter Engle | | #4


        That issue is discussed in the article Martin linked to above. +1 on that article, which is still entirely on-point with current info. There are a few more products on the market, but the information is still good.

        Butyl rubber is not compatible with any asphalt products. The "wetter" and "stickier" the asphalt is, generally the less compatible it is with butyl. Shingles are generally pretty "dry" so less of a problem. Plus, it is the actual contact surface area that matters most. If the membrane layer on the tape prevents most contact between the tape and the shingles, there's probably going to be no issues.

  2. kfree | | #2

    thanks martin, helpful.

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