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Is it really OK to use any type of fog machine when duct testing?

xRycqK5m95 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I wanted to use a fog machine to locate duct leakage but was concerned about blowing a substance
into the ducts and furnace/air handler that may leave a residue and attract dust or gum things up. So I started researching. Apparently Rosco has done research on this subject and says their fog juice can be used in ducts. High End, on the other hand, said absolutely do not use their fog juice in this application. So not all machines are the same. Or rather, not all fog juice is the same, and all manufacturers say to only use their juice in their machines. Does anyone know of any other manufacturers whose product is known to be acceptable (I can’t afford Rosco!)? It doesn’t seem responsible to use just any old brand and assume the residue will not be detrimental. Thank you.

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