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Is my mini-split located properly?

Suzi Herbert | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I am not a builder. I am a customer that has a mini-split in a hallway trying to heat and cool two rooms in addition to my central system that doesn’t do a good job. My question. The unit was placed directly across from the intake vent for my central system. It seems to me that most of the air from mini-split is going right into the central unit duct system and I’m not getting the best use of my mini-split. Opinion? Advice? thanks

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    There are several questions here.

    1. Why isn't your central forced-air heating and cooling system doing a good job? Step one is to diagnose the problem. Either (a) your central system is fixable, and you don't need a minisplit, or (b) your central system isn't fixable, and it should be turned off (so that you don't waste energy running the blower on your furnace or air handler).

    2. If you want, try running your minisplit by itself. Turn off the central system. It's possible that all you need is the minisplit.

    To help you, we'd need to know a lot more information, including:

    1. Your geographical location or climate zone.

    2. A plan of your house.

    3. Information on your central forced-air system, its maintenance and diagnostic history, and a summary of why you think it isn't working.

  2. Michael King | | #2

    Yes, I think so!

  3. Bennett Sandler | | #3

    That doesn't sound like an optimal location. Minisplits like open spaces and good flow paths; in confined spaces like hallways you risk short cycling.

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