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Is natural slate tile worth the price?

Tom Seilheimer | Posted in General Questions on

My wife and I are looking at a product called CUPA Slate we found here

We were wondering if natural slate is worth the upgrade to say “fake slate”. Also does natural slate fade with time? Any help would be great!

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    In your question, you asked about slate tile. The web link goes to a site that features mostly roofing slate. So I need to ask: are you talking about slate flooring or slate roofing?

    I don't know what you mean by "fake slate." I have a background as a New England roofer, so in my book, there is no such thing as fake slate. It's either slate or it isn't.

    Natural slate won't fade.

  2. Nate G | | #2

    I imagine "fake slate" would be something that is advertised as "slate-like" despite not being natural slate--same as any fake or synthetic version of a natural building material, such as this product that Tom is likely asking about:

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    I am aware of a variety of products that imitate slate. Some products imitate slate roofing; other products imitate slate floor tiles.

    My point is that we can't evaluate an alternative product without a brand name.

  4. Stephen Sheehy | | #4

    Tom. Cupa slate looks like a brand name for natural slate roofing. As Martin will tell you, a properly installed real slate roof will last longer than you will. It is very expensive.

    If you are considering slate flooring, I can tell you that my ten year old slate floor looks just as good as when it was installed.

  5. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #5

    Whaaat? No digression into its worth as a thermal mass, or installed over radiant heating? This place is going to the dogs :)

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