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Is there a humidity-controlled attic exhaust fan on the market?

Rick Jenkins | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Is there an exhaust attic fan readily available on the market that trips on in a mixed humid climate when the temperature gets hlgh enough to create attic humidity in a situation where soffit vents aren’t possible?

Don’t want to suck out air in the winter, only when we need to remove humidity. Thanks

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  1. Matthe Grocoff | | #1

    Airvent makes a low-voltage thermostat for attic fans for under $40. I write this as our house is being cooled by a single fan while the outside temperature is almost 90. So, think about using that fan for more than just cooling your attic. Here's an article about our house I wrote for Old House Web and one in Mother Earth News about natural ventilation: - and this Mother Earth News article about 3 houses in the South that use no a/c -

  2. James Morgan | | #2

    Rick - be aware that if you use a powered attic fan without soffit vents when A/C is running you will almost certainly be pulling that expensive conditioned air right out of the house. Matthe's strategy is fine but ONLY for homes where A/C is not use.

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