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Is there a product like ZIP system but made with plywood instead?

andyfrog | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone make a plywood sheathing product that comes with a fluid-applied WRB already coating it?

If not, I wonder why. Maybe no economic niche for it?

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  1. kbentley57 | | #1

    Plywood is already more expensive than OSB, and more expensive than ZIP. Only a very small percentage of holdouts use plywood for structural sheathing anymore, and adding an additional cost would nearly ensure that it wasn't used at all.

    However, there are many fluid-applied WRB that are easy to install afterwards, and probably do a better job than what would come pre-applied in the first place, albeit at a cost.

    1. andyfrog | | #2

      Ah okay, that makes sense, thanks. The value proposition isn't there and people who would want the product probably have the money to pay for a separately applied WRB.

  2. mr_reference_Hugh | | #3


    Check out these two links
    First from 2019 -

    2nd from 2022
    Looks like this links suggest that there are likely few competitor, likely none with plywood.

  3. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #4

    Plywood with fluid applied coating?

  4. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #5

    Fluid applied WRB are great. They can be rolled or sprayed. One needs to make sure you have the required minimum thickness, and some applications require work upfront. I've found some prices are better with an OSB and fluid applied WRB, than with Zip.
    Some of the best brands are PolyWall, Prosoco, Protecto Wrap, Tremco, DuPont, etc.

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