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Italian/European entry door manufacturers

dfvellone | Posted in General Questions on

Traveling in Italy I’m struck by the quality of the doors (and windows), particularly the seals, that I see everywhere.  Makes me have regrets over the Andersens i installed for my new construction. I’ve yet to purchase a sunroom door and wonder what manufactures I might look at that can be sourced in the States. 

Thanks, Daniel

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  1. nynick | | #1

    There are US and Canadian companies that have embraced European door and window construction. I chose Alpen, but I'm sure there are many more.

  2. Eric_U | | #2

    The only one I know off the top of my head is but I assume there are others. There are also American companies that are starting to take notes, for example Marvin has lift and slide doors

  3. Deleted | | #3


  4. wyosky | | #4

    I purchased Glo Windows and Doors out of Montana for my climate zone 6 home. Operable windows and doors have triple seals, triple point locking mechanisms, and hinge adjustments to dial in a tight fit - very high quality. I installed the windows and doors recently, so I can't comment on performance through winter yet. I am very impressed with the quality of their triple pane windows and D1 doors. I have no association with Glo - just a regular guy on my first house build adventure.

  5. charliepark | | #5

    Two more (no connection with them):
    And a link to Alpen, mentioned above:

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