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Insulating Above a Roof Deck

Andrew808 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

We plan to insulate above our roof deck in Hawaii (2:12 pitch over most of the home, low/flat over a 20×15′ section) with Polyiso.
We then planned for a torchdown layer + white reflective coating (silicone – GACO, or acrylic – Western Colloid 720ARC).

However, I recently came across this product — FIRESTONE ULTRAWHITE

Comparing SRI (new/aged), it looks pretty good. Gaco is much higher initially, but does loose this over time (assumes no cleaning):
Ultrawhite Cap Sheet             SRI: 89/77
GACO S-20                               SRI: 111/76
Western Colloid 720 ARC     SRI: 84/75

QUESTION: What are thoughts on using a product like the Firestone Ultrawhite vs coating over this layer (torchdown)?

Thanks for any thoughts and advice as always!

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  1. Andrew808 | | #1

    After more research and talking with local roofing supply, it looks like Polyglass Polyfresco is another reflective capsheet worth looking at.

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