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kind of a Larsen truss system

wastl | Posted in Green Products and Materials on


Just to give an idea (sorry that it is only in german but the pictures might suffice). How to cantilever the outer shell away from the structural wall..
No diy site built but “delivered to order”.. Something rather simple, a similar system also for floors etc.
Do be able to offer something like this- from a manufacturing pov simple, but to prove code compliance and provide data for structural engineers etc. – that is the line to cross..

to create a void for blown in cellulose,
6 to 14″ depth by combining different profile versions
inner cord screwed/nailed to the base structure

Do a 2×4 or 2×6, OSB taped etc.,
apply these cords, set and adjust the outer plane
finish with a wood fiber board (or whatever you pick) + ventilated rain screen, here some also do stucco as finish.

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