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Lattice rain screen for vertical siding be too large of a gap and can it hold the weight of the siding?

Pfitz113 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,

we are installing vertical shiplap siding and have 3/4” (1”) pine furring strips that we are planning on using. I have a couple of questions. Due to the fact that we will start with vertical furring strips and then horizontal to provider the necessary gap, will these horizontal strips hold the weight of all the siding since they are gapped about an 1 1/2” from the wall due to the two layers of furring strips?

I purchased the Coravent siding vents for the top and bottom of the rain screen, however the thickest available are 3/4”. This leaves me with another 3/4” gap to fill. Can the 3/4” wood furring strip be nailed directly on top of the Coravent strip to fill that gap? Any other solutions?

My thought was to find a thinner furring strip, maybe a pressure treated lath 1/4” but my fear is it would be able to bear the weight of the siding or will split when nailed to the WRB. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have the lead time to order materials so need to work with what is available and local stores. Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated. 

Thank you!

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  1. Expert Member


    - Start with a row of the Cor-a-Vent at the base of the wall.
    - Apply the vertical furring strips above on 16" or 24" oc. depending on your stud spacing.
    - Then rows of horizontal furring at 16" oc. starting with the bottom one directly nailed through the Cor-a-Vent.

    The two layers of furring can easily carry the siding loads. This isn't like going through exterior foam where the fasteners are cantilevered - each layer is supported by the one under it. Where you can have some visible inward sagging is if the furring strips are too narrow. If you go with less than 1"x3"s I'd make sure the vertical furring spacing was 16" not 24".

    1. Pfitz113 | | #2

      Thank you!

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