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Leaky lock

Stockwell | Posted in General Questions on

The front door on my new house was just installed. It’s a custom door with multipoint lock system and full perimeter gasket. The door lockset choices are somewhat limited with a multipoint system, so we went with an Emtek Euro cylinder type. See the attached pic on the daylight I can see! Are there better, more airtight locksets? Is this typical?

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  1. Expert Member


    That's really strange. What's on the outside that you are able to see daylight?

  2. paula_builds | | #2

    Hi Kevin,
    What do you see if you remove the screw & plate?

  3. Stockwell | | #3

    That whole cylinder slides out. It is secured by a bolt that is perpendicular to the cylinder. There is a key slot on the outside and this knob on the inside. Emtek says the gasket material they provided should seal this, but it looks like it's not doing its job!

  4. Expert Member
    Peter Engle | | #4

    Perhaps the gasket was not installed or is displaced? I see gaskets thrown away by installers quite frequently because they either don't know where they go or they are too fussy to get them right.

  5. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #5

    That is an impressively unimpressive air sealing job on that lock :-)

    I’d guess missing or misaligned gasket. If the manufacturer says their included gasket should seal this then I’d be inclined to believe them. Check if the gasket was actually installed, and if it was done correctly and not damaged. If the gasket is bad, you can probably get a replacement from the manufacturer.


  6. Duncan | | #6

    That's really strange. Who installed the lock? Due to the fact that this type of lock is durable, I suppose the installation wasn't done accordingly to the guide.
    I advise you to contact a professional locksmith like He'll examine your lock and decide whether you need to replace it or to fix it.

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