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Least toxic engineered wood floor adhesive

gpark620 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hello, I am having an engineered wood floor extended into a few rooms to replace old carpet in a house I recently moved into. I have chemical sensitivities so I’m trying to find the least toxic adhesive that is free of VOCs or any other chemicals that could cause long term health effects. The existing floor is a glued down T&G on concrete  and every contractor we met with said that the extension would need to be installed the same way. Replacing the flooring in the entire house is also not an option for now.  I’m considering Taylor Ironwood which is sold by Green Building Supply, Bostik Greenforce, Mapei eco 983, or Bona r851 – this one is Greenguard Gold and zero voc but contains phthalates. Has anyone used any of these products and can share experiences with them? Having to choose the “safest” option has been very overwhelming. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. otinkyad | | #1

    I have zero knowledge to offer on this, I'm afraid. But I wondered if you'd seen the discussion at:

    That discussion suggests that Bona r851 is far from "Zero VOC" -- and in that case perhaps the other products on your list are also not as claimed by the mfr..?

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