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LED Retrofit/Non-IC rated

FrankFulton | Posted in General Questions on

Please confirm or correct my understanding:
If we insert LED retrofit kits into non-IC rated recessed lights (housed in a flat roof), it is safe to dense pack around the recessed cans AS LONG AS we never revert to incandescent or halogen bulbs.
Thank you.

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  1. this_page_left_blank | | #1

    Safe, probably. Meet code? Not so sure about that. How would one ensure a future owner didn't install incandescent lamps? I'm assuming you're talking about the retrofit kits that just screw into the existing lamp socket.

  2. FrankFulton | | #2

    "I'm assuming you're talking about the retrofit kits that just screw into the existing lamp socket."

    Correct. We plan to live here a long time, but your point is well taken.

    Other than replacing the lights entirely, which is prohibitively expensive, are there any other options to reduce fire risk? Recall we have no access from above in this flat roof.


  3. this_page_left_blank | | #3

    If it was me, I would see if it was possible to pull the socket out of the can, cut the wires and splice on the quick connect of the LED driver. That would at least make it so that someone would have to work pretty hard to get incandescent or halogen lamps back in there. I don't know if that would meet code either, but it would make me more comfortable.

  4. Randy_Williams | | #4

    Trevor is right in his first comment, the second comment still wouldn't meet code. The National Electrical Code requires all recessed cans to have a clearance from both combustibles and thermal insulation unless rated (the IC rating listed on the recessed fixture) for direct contact regardless of the bulb type. The code reference is 410.110 in the NEC. I would contact the fixture manufacturer to see if the fixture can be retrofitted. This type of fixture is designed to be taken apart to gain access to the wiring junction box. You may be able to switch out the entire fixture less the attaching bracket and junction box with an IC rated fixture. Again, check with the manufacturer.

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