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LED shower lights?

davidsmartin | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

My electrician is recommending recessed shower lights for two bathrooms that are below an un-conditioned attic in a new addition. Can you help me find LED surface lighting that can tolerate the moisture of the showers?



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  1. iLikeDirt | | #1

    I used the Sylvania 72089 for a recent bathroom remodel and am quite pleased. It fits in an octagon ceiling box that you can air-seal.

  2. davidsmartin | | #2

    Thanks Nate. One reviewer on Amazon wrote this:

    "I would like to extend a warning for anyone looking at these lights! There are more than one version of these lights. The ballast on the back of the light can vary in design, limiting the type of installation. From what I found there are as many as three variations. If you are looking to install in a 4" J-Box only one style will work. They all have the same UPC code on the box and there is no way to tell which style you have until you open it. VERY FRUSTRATING! I bought these from a local store and was able to resolve the issue with lots and lots of arguing over the matter. If you are ordering online and doing a J-box installation I have no idea how you will verify the correct ones will arrive, so do you research."

    Any advice on this issue?


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