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Lift and slide doors

JTyler | Posted in General Questions on

Any first hand experience with lift and slide doors – Intus in particular? I am finalizing my window and door schedule and I am considering a 10′ lift and slide. Searching the site, I am able to find some older posts advising against these doors for air sealing reasons, but on paper they look excellent. Is the consensus still to head in another direction, or have the doors improved / opinions changed with time? Any input from readers with lift and slides would be appreciated.

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  1. dsmcn | | #1

    These are massive, and seem to be well made. I cannot speak to the airtightness of them.

    You may want to get a specific advisement of the size of the door frame before you order it—I've heard that the dimensions change with the size of the door. If you order a big one you may be surprised that the frame around the glazing is much wider than the window sash next to it. I have heard this second-hand, so I cannot attest to its veracity.

  2. user-1109130 | | #2

    I have a European lift / slide (Zola) door at my own passive house and you will find them in countless passive house projects. While perhaps not quite as airtight as a tilt / slide or swing door, they are still exceptionally airtight. I had the same concerns when deciding on a big door, but we had no problem achieving a .32ach50 blower door result. They are beautiful to operate, allow for really large openings, and you will not be disappointed.

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