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Liquid flashing advice

caliberger | Posted in General Questions on

I want to seal the joint between framing and foundation in my new barn build. Since I’m using Henry Blueskin as my WRB I think I’ll stick with Henry products. There’s some used Henry Air Bloc LF for sale on ebay with a manufacture date of 03/21. The spec sheet says it should be good for a year. Any opinions on using recently expired liquid flashing?

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  1. canada_deck | | #1

    If there was some flashing that had been sitting in a climate controlled warehouse and it was a lot cheaper and it was just a barn - I might go for it. OTOH, if this stuff sat outside in the sun on a jobsite all summer, I'd be less keen.

  2. caliberger | | #2

    Thanks Canada. That's pretty much where I am. It is a lot cheaper and the application is not mission critical. I just don't know how it was stored and am assuming the worst. I just wonder what happens after a year and after being stored in less than ideal conditions. Less sticky? Cures in the sausage tube?

    1. canada_deck | | #3

      Have you ever tried a really old tube of caulk? Sometimes they are almost fully cured inside the tube.

  3. caliberger | | #4

    Yup. Good point

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