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Locating Rockwool Comfortboard

DanShow | Posted in General Questions on

As the title states, we are trying to locate a supply of Rockwool Comfortboard, it could 80 or 110, we are open to either. Our order for our current build (that is in process) was cancelled at the end of July and now we are trying to find another supply. We are located in IA and are needing approximately 3000 sq. feet of Comfortboard.
I know many others are probably in the same boat we are. Thank you and we hope somebody can help us out.

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  1. mark_be | | #1

    I was in a similar situation not too long ago, looking for rockwool multifix. I was told there is a 6+ month lead time and wound up purchasing wood fiber insulation here -

    I obviously don’t know if you would consider it, but wood fiber insulation is good stuff, with the bonus of being able to function as a wrb.

    I know after my order there was one pallet of 40mm thick material remaining for sale in the U.S., so I probably would reach out to them soon if you think you might be interested.

    1. DanShow | | #3

      Mark B,
      Thank you for the response. We have actually looked into wood fiber board insulation both from Steico and Gutex. Actually were planning to use Gutex and then had to make some materials/budget changes and went away from it. Definitely interested in using it, but not sure if I could get it in time for this build project.

  2. kyle_r | | #2

    Grainger sells 8 lb rock wool, I believe under their name for industrial insulation. I don’t know that there is any appreciable difference to Comfortboard.

    1. DanShow | | #4

      Kyle R,
      Thanks, I looked into this and it appears at least in their online inventory that they have enough product to cover my needs and can get it to within the timeline we are working under. I did some reading on the page for it and in theory I think it will work, but I am not sure if the product is actually designed for exterior wall applications. If anybody has used this product, (see link below) for exterior wall insulation use, please let me know.

      1. kyle_r | | #5

        Hi Dan, I think you will have to contact Rockwool if you want to be 100% certain. But if the density is the same im not sure what else could be an issue. Maybe someone at your local Grainger could explain what people are using it for and if it differs from the residential product?

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