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Location of jumper duct

Fredclarke9 | Posted in Mechanicals on

We are building a new home in southwest Florida. The HVAC ductwork has been installed. A return air jumper duct is located in the ceiling from the hallway outside the master bedroom to the ceiling on the inside of the master bedroom. One of the bedroom supply vents is located right next to the jumper duct (within a couple of inches). Is this okay or should the supply vent be moved a few feet away? An easy fix now before the drywall goes up.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    My first instinct is to answer that I don't think it matters much. The supply register should direct the air toward the center of the room, in any case.

    More on jumper ducts: Return-Air Problems.

  2. Fredclarke9 | | #2

    Thanks for your reply. My only concern was that because of the very close proximity of the jumper duct to the supply vent it would suck in much of the conditioned air before it had a chance to circulate. We'll certainly make sure that the supply register is aimed toward the center of the room. Thanks again.

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