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Location of Multi Port Tee for Plumbing

Jimmy Black | Posted in General Questions on

Hello GBA, Zone 2A, I’m replumbing my house, and need help deciding the location of the main multiport tees. There will be 12 lines for the cold, and 8 for the hot. I can put it in the garage right by the water filters and heater, then route all lines up and over, or just put the tee in the attic then route the lines over from it. There is an access panel immediately in front of where it would be in the attic, so access is not an issue. All lines before the multiport tees are copper.

Pros of the in the attic:
Easier routing.
Looks much cleaner in the garage.
Less PEX used.
Easier to fireblock ceiling
No PEX exposed to sunlight
Easier to route future lines (don’t have to go through ceiling)

Pros of in the garage:
Slightly easier to attach all lines
Any leaks at tee will not damage ceiling

Anything I’m missing? I’m going to put it in the attic based on what I know right now. I will install a drip pan and drain below the tees, and put a bucket over them in case of any bursts.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. User avatar GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Either way can work, as long as you can protect your plumbing lines from freezing during cold snaps.

    Do you really get enough sunshine in your garage to worry about the sunlight degrading your PEX?

    -- Martin Holladay

  2. Jimmy Black | | #2

    No I don't. Yes that would be a pro for in the garage, better protection against freezing at the fittings, I plan on insulating it with a foam box or something though if it's in the attic.

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