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Long room minisplit installation location?

shumaker76 | Posted in Mechanicals on

11′ X 30′ room. Fujitsu 9rls2h. The specifications shows the flow pattern is long and skinny. Would it be best to install at the middle of the long wall or install at the end on a short wall? There will be ceiling fans at the midpoint and at the point farthest from the minisplit if on a short wall.

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  1. kevin_in_denver | | #1

    If the room is well insulated and has good windows, then it doesn't matter.

    If not, put it closer to where the people will be.

  2. jinmtvt | | #2

    Shawn: what will the room be used for ? Where are you located ?

    i have 4 of those units, and while the fan pushes the "plume" out quite far,
    it is not as wide as they show it is,
    and if you stand close to it on hot days, it is a bit disturbing ( aka too cold )

    If you room is high enough , you can have it shoot straight out which helps the spread somewhat.

    If it will be located far from where people stand/sit, use the "swing" function and save the ceiling fan $$ , it will be more than sufficient ( unless poor insulated as Kevin stated )

  3. shumaker76 | | #3

    Central Ohio. 8ft ceilings. From the short wall mount location which is also the primary house entry location... Kitchen, Dining, Living Room. Maybe just a fan in the living room for times when I don't need the minisplit on. Reading the spec on the unit that showed the really narrow "plume" even at maximum spread was what prompted the question. Plans are to add insulation before it gets cold again. A large portion of the house is shaded by a large maple in the summer.

  4. gusfhb | | #4

    mini spits move much more air than you think Whatever you choose will be fine, unless you have a leaky door at one end of the room yo will not notice a difference. An end wall mounting would be best no doubt but as long as their is no obstructions, it will work well

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