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Longevity of valves on PEX manifolds

johnharry | Posted in General Questions on

I am planning on a home run installation in a new house. I never had much luck with the PVC valves currently used in residential plumbing actually working when you need them to.. They either are stuck open or will not shut off. I would try exercising them to keep them loose but they would end up leaking past the stem.

I am concerned with the poly valves used on the manifolds not doing there job 10-15 years down the road. Some manifolds offer the optional copper or brass valves, but our water has a high content of limestone and is tough on copper pipes and fittings.

I pretty much use all stainless ball valves now. Are there any manifolds that come with stainless valves? I am looking for feedback from folks who have installed these manifolds years ago and what, or if any trouble you had with them.

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Uponor is the leading company

    Watts is the leading company among many local installers. The quick to crimp SS riings have little learning curve.

    I like both companies. Big box stores have carried bad brass fittings...
    Uponor makes good plastic and brass fittings.

    Watts makes good brass.

    You can always make a non plastic manifold which I have done but not out if trust, more to do with local supply which was poor for years.

  2. Richard Beyer | | #2

    John you already know you have trouble on the horizon. Why are you not designing a water filtration system so you can install anything your heart desires? I think this would be the logical conclusion rather than making it a piping material decision of which you can not avoid the use of one or the other. ie. copper or plastics

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