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Looking for a ductless air conditioning unit with a low indoor temperature setting

LizzyOR | Posted in General Questions on

Looking for a ductless air conditioning unit with a low indoor temperature setting. Just had a Mitsubishi guy out, and their lowest setting is 67 degrees, which isn’t low enough for sleeping. My window unit goes to 60 and I usually set it at 62 but my room is still a few degrees warmer.

I’ve been in hotels where the air goes only to 67 and it’s uncomfortable.


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  1. norm_farwell | | #1

    I hadn't noticed this, but there seems to be a discrepancy in the mitsubishi product literature between the cooling and heating minimums and maximums listed for operating conditions, and what the controls will actually allow you to input.

    For example Hyperheat FH units will accept control settings down to 50 in heating and 61 in cooling, though the operating conditions listed on the submittal say minimum intake temp 70 in heating and 67 in cooling. I know I have operated these units outside of the minimum for heating with no trouble. So I think you'll be fine, though I'd be curious what mitsubishi says about the mixed message.

  2. Chaubenee | | #2

    Sounds like you need to buy a walk in cooler to use as your bed room. You REALLY air condition your bedroom down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer? I would suggest that with a central air unit that is performing efficiently and correctly 69-70 degrees is far low enough to sleep on the hottest summer nights in any zone. I suspect t hat whatever ac you are using, it is not dehumidifying enough because it cools too fast and does not cycle long enough. You are seeking to run it lower and lower to get the moisture out of the air.

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