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Looking for a recommended HVAC engineer near Cambridge, MA

bresso | Posted in General Questions on


I’m considering upgrading our system to heat pumps, and I was looking for an HVAC engineer to design an efficient system for a 1,500 sq ft condo.

Any recommendations? Thank you.

Location: Cambridge, MA

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  1. utah_matt | | #1

    I used Energy Vanguard and they did a good job on my 3900 ft2 home. I know they are not local for you but I had no issues designing my system with a few emails and phone calls.

    1. buildzilla | | #2

      did you get the full package with ventilation and make-up-air, etc?
      did they specify down to the exact equipment, like make and model?
      did you have any issue getting a local installer to execute on their plan?

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