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Looking for advice installing Fujitsu UTY-XCBXZ2 interface board

kjmass1 | Posted in Mechanicals on

For those who have done the Interface board and hard wired thermostat for a Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ with ASU12RLF1 heads, how many wires are connected to the interface board? The instructions are atrocious.

My HVAC guy and I did the 5 pin connector (from 3 wire thermostat cable) to the Interface board. From there we took the 9 pin cable and hooked it up to the main unit. Is that it? We aren’t getting heat, only AC, with no error messages. We changed the function menus and the wired unit seems to control everything except heat (fan speed, louvers, modes).

There is a picture that shows 4 different connectors hooked up to the Interface board, but that is step 2 so it’s confusing. Do you re-route all the connectors that were originally on the main board in to the interface box?

Page 10 top left pic seems to indicate another wire going back in to the interface box?

Any help I’d appreciate it!


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