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Looking for builder in Southern Maine

user-7674797 | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone know a pretty good house builder in Southern Maine? Thank you.
Bruce G.

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Bruce, there are several builders around Portland who understand and follow "Pretty Good" principles, including Kolbert Building, whose principal, Dan Kolbert, originated the concept. Most builders don't stray far from home, though--if you're more specific with your location you might get better responses.

  2. user-7674797 | | #2

    York, Maine. Thank you.

  3. ssnellings | | #3

    I second Dan Kolbert, but I'm not sure what his operating radius is. Jesper of Maine Passive House is also an excellent builder, but is up in the Bethel area so I'm pretty sure York is too far, but it's always worth a call. Jessica at Mobile Studio Design+Build is out of Biddeford and I believe she takes work in York.

    Performance Building Supply in Portland used to have a wall where they let contractors leave business cards, they moved locations and I can't remember if they put that wall up in the new space so you should give them a call before heading over there to look. If it's still there, it will at least help narrow down the field a bit by identifying which builders have interest in 'green' building techniques.

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