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Looking for Central Texas builder

busterknoxvill | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone know of a builder/designer in Central Texas that is experienced with “Pretty Good House” or similar methods/principles? My wife and I are wanting to build new on some small acreage out in the country near Gatesville, Tx (near the Waco-Temple area north of Austin).

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    Matt Risinger, based in Austin, posts alot of videos on building high performance homes. No idea if he is as good at building as he is at marketing. You hear alot from HIM, but not much from any of his clients. Seems like he builds only high end homes.
    He also has many guests on his Build show videos - one of the smaller builders featured on those may be more affordable.

    1. busterknoxvill | | #2

      Yeah, I've been following Matt Risinger, but good point about some of his builder guests. We are located about 90 miles north of Austin, so I wonder if builders typically travel that far, and how much extra does that cost.

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