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Looking for contractor for small home in SW Wisconsin

Corkydork | Posted in General Questions on

Hey there,
I am an owner builder in Barneveld, WI functioning as GC and I’m having trouble finding a builder to commit near my area. I’ve been looking for about 6 months. 860 sq ft home with small “storage” loft. Shed style, partially bermed to follow contour of sloped land and to insulate the shallow frost protected foundation. Some round pole timber integration, but I have one or 2 other leads available to help with that section. Larsen truss wall (13″), dense pack cellulose. Looking for a contractor for foundation/berm wall, framing, and roof. Hoping to finish the rest of the wall system and all interior ourselves. 

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  1. ERIC WHETZEL | | #1


    TDS Construction, in Madison, might be able to help you:

  2. ssnellings | | #2

    I work for a residential general contractor in Madison, Wisconsin. One of our project managers lives out near you, so it might be a good fit. Let me know what the best way is to contact you to discuss the project.

    If I can't help you, knowing more about the project will help me recommend other contractors.

    1. Corkydork | | #3

      Hey Sam and Eric, thank you both for your replies. I did end up contacting TDS, I forgot I have a friend that works there.
      Sam- I can pass you the plans if you like?

  3. Deleted | | #4


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