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Looking for critique of my solar plans for 22MLE

ArimaKisho | Posted in General Questions on

Hello all,

I have already gotten some input from Howard in a previous thread concerning the connections between the solar panels and the charge controller, but now I am posting my “full” plan/schematic and would appreciate some of the more knowledgeable solar veterans to give it a once-over.

On a previous trailer I installed 1 panel with a PWM controller and went straight to the lead-acid battery on the trailer tongue and did not alter any of the existing wiring. But this time I am going a little more in depth and will be making alterations to factory wiring too.

We do not need a “full blown” setup like some of you full time boon-dockers have, but rather just enough to get us through a 3 day boon-docking trip. So we really have no need for much in the way of AC power, as we aren’t looking to run the microwave or anything like that. I just want to have all the normal 12v DC functions of trailer working and possibly running the furnace at nights. If anything, I might add a small 800 watt inverter down the road if it ends up that we have power to spare. But right now I just want to get the DC part of the puzzle all worked out and done correctly.

Yesterday I took out a few of the bolts and pulled down the underbelly chloroplast just far enough to see in there with a flashlight. I “think” I can see how the factory wiring is done, and how it feeds to the disconnect switch in the pass-thru. But I am still not 100% sure, and probably won’t know until this Spring when I can fully drop the underbelly and have a good look. So it might end up being that some of my wiring plans back to the WFCO will need to be altered if I find things aren’t run the way I think they are right now.

Any and all suggestions and fault finding is most appreciated. You will not hurt my feelings 
And I apologize in advance for my lack of schematic drawing skills. Hopefully it is not too jumbled and confusing.


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