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Looking for Fujitsu-Friendly HVAC contractor in Northumberland Co ON

dcjohn | Posted in General Questions on


Still looking for land, but want to keep moving on the rest of the process.

I am looking for a HVAC company that would be well-suited to the installs of a Fujitsu ducted minisplit and ERV/HRV ventilation systems.

Thank you,


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  1. Yupster | | #1

    Kenetic Energy out of Campbellford is experienced with Mitsubishi minisplits and do excellent work, I send many of my HVAC designs to them. Dows Climate Care out of Trenton, Chapman Heating out of Belleville, and Stadtke Heating out of Cobourg all deal in Fujitsu, though I have not dealt with any of them personally. You can find all the Fujitsu certified contractors in your area here:

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