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Looking for green developer

NancyVaillancourt | Posted in General Questions on

We own a sustainable site piece of property in Newport RI, one tenth of a mile from the beach. It is 12 old beach cottages on less than 2 acres. All approvals are in place to build 14 new free standing units. We want to work with a developer who will build green units/eco village/green community. Can you refer me to anyone?

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  1. jkoizen | | #1

    I'm a developer building LEED Platinum townhomes in San Antonio, Texas. I'm not sure I can personally help you in New England but I found my current General Contractor through a local LEED-Homes facilitator. I suggest you find the nearest facilitator and see if they're aware of anybody working in your area that can help.

  2. Aquaman55 | | #2

    I am both a contractor who has built a green 3 unit condo project in San Antonio Texas and own a Rain Water Harvesting company. My partner lived in and has family in Rhode Island. He is visiting Phode Island in August and could visit with you about your project and about the possibility of installing a self sufficient RWH system. You may contact me at [email protected]

  3. MikeSmith | | #3

    Nancy... there are many people in RI that would qualify . Have you talked to the builders in your famous family ?
    RIBA has a sub-committee that could steer you in the right direction.
    Who was the architect that got you thru the approval process ?

  4. Nancy | | #4

    thanks Mike,most of my family's builders are not really focused on green, so contacts w developers who may be interested is limited. Newport Collaborative is architect. Here is our website on property

  5. MikeSmith | | #5

    Well.... that is quite the project !
    Developing is not our forte'.. . Newport Collaborative must have quite the contacts for getting this done. Once the site work is accomplished , the units could be built 3 or so at a time , depending on sales.
    Have you talked to JAM ?

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