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Looking for help with low-slope roof

timstokes81 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi there, my wife and I bought a 1905 home last year that, like many in Toronto, has had decades of additions and renovations of varying quality. The low-slope roof seems to be in decent condition, but last winter during a rain storm I noticed some water dripping from behind the aluminum fascia trim on the low edge where the (only) gutter is installed.. I had other fish to fry until I got around to a proper roof inspection this fall. There is some delamination of the roof membrane at the low edge of the roof. I think that some water was wicking under the membrane, down the sheathing, and out behind the fascia. The roof membrane is very stiff, so I can’t move it much as far as injecting products underneath.

1. I’m leaning toward sealing the edge as best as I can with roofing cement from a caulking tube. I realize this will probably be an annual job until the roof is replaced. Does this sound like a good solution?

2. As shown in one of the photos attached, the sides of the roof have gravel stop flashing installed, but there is no gravel on the roof. Is this correct? I suspect it was done this way to guide water to the low edge where the only gutter is installed.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Q. "I'm leaning toward sealing the edge as best as I can with roofing cement from a caulking tube. ... Does this sound like a good solution?"

    A. I used to be a roofer, so I'm duty-bound to repeat the roofer's creed: "No. Roofing cement is never a good solution."

    It's hard to diagnose this type of problem over the internet. This type of problem requires a site visit by a qualified roofer.

    That said... a tube of roofing cement is cheap. And it's your roof.

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