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Looking for nighttime ventilation that is quiet

joellevine | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I have an 8 year old structural-insulated-panel house. It is tight, has good siting, big roof overhangs and performs well with passive heating and concrete floor hydronics. It has no air conditioning. In my climate we can get a week of 110 to 115 degree highs and 70 degree lows when the small whole house fan makes it difficult to sleep due to noise.

There is an older Tamarak insulated whole house fan mounted in the conditioned-space gable behind some screened louvered vents. It is mounted in a way that allows the fan’s doors room to open and close in front of the vents while preventing air leakage when the fan is not operating. Works but is noisy.

My wife is not happy. Are there any ideas on how to have forced but quiet ventilation? I should add that the roof is metal, the walls are stucco so wall or roof modifications are a bit more problematic.

Many thanks.


  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    It sounds like you live in a very hot climate.

    Tamarack fans are good units, so I don't think that you will gain any benefit from choosing a different brand of fan. I'm guessing that the noise problem is partly due to the way that the fan is mounted -- it may be mounted in a way that transfers vibration and sound to your home's framing.

    I advise you to call the technical help number at Tamarack Technologies (800-222-5932 or 508-295-8103). Describe your problem and ask for some advice.

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