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Looking for used building supplies in MN

user-757117 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anybody have a favorite used building supply yard in MN?
Preferably along the Minneapolis/Duluth corridor…

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  1. user-788447 | | #1

    The Reuse Center for reclaimed building supplies-

    The Building Materials Outlet for discounted surplus-

  2. user-757117 | | #2

    Thank you J.

  3. user-788447 | | #3

    There are also several reclaimed timber outfits.
    Beautiful wood but pricey -

  4. user-757117 | | #4

    Thanks again J.
    I have browsed the inventory at Duluth Timber in the past. Beautiful stuff. I really like the wide plank floors.
    I may do a wide plank spruce floor using local spruce like someone I know.
    The grain wears unevenly over time leaving an interesting texture.
    Pretty rustic.

    I like this photo:

  5. user941025 | | #5

    Hey--The ReUse Center finally went out of business after a long decline. However, the Habitat ReStore has the occasional good surprise, and unlike the ReUse, you're less likely to deal with deteriorated lead paint. In the Mpls area, the ReStore moved from N Mpls to New Brighton.

    Seconded on Building Materials Outlet.

    Bauer Bros in NE Mpls is hit-or-miss, but it's huge.

  6. user-788447 | | #6

    The Reuse Center closed its Minneapolis warehouse but its Maplewood warehouse is still in business.
    Bauer Bros is worth the visit just for the fun of it but it is more specialty and odd items.

    Lucas the photo you uploaded is it from the Duluth area? Are those the fabled great white pine?

  7. user-757117 | | #7

    J, thanks for the update on the ReUse center. I may be visiting Minneapolis soon so I thought I'd poke around a bit.
    I've been trying to find reclaimed copper pipe, but I think people are mostly scrapping that for cash these days...
    I "captured" that photo from the Duluth Timber website. It's possible that it's White Pine... They sure don't cut'em like that any more.

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