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Low E Insulated Glass Replacement(s) for Windows & Doors

GBA Editor | Posted in General Questions on

Point #1 – IG LoE II Argon Insulated Glass as a part of Marvin Windows installed in other parts of my home are unnoticeable, but may have a slightly grey layer (not blue or purple) on the inside of outside pane that screens solar heat during the summer. The Marvin Rep advises that their glass is manufactured by “Cardinal Glass”; and, is only available for replacements on other Marvin windows or doors manufactured replacements.

Point #2 – Other leaking insulated glass in windows & doors in my residence were Pozzi (now jeldwen), which have reach their normal life cycle; and, are in need of replacement(s). Several local contractors in Cincinnati purchase LoE insulated glass from either Pilkington Glass (soft &lighter) or Guardian Glass (hard&darker) Companys. Problem is that both of these products have a “blue or purple color cast” when sunlight hits the outside panes. This unacceptable color cast is not noticeble with Marvin Windows/Cardinal Glass product.

Point #3 – Since replacing all windows & doors in a kitchen room addtion with the Marvin/Cardinal Glass product is out of the question regarding costs, is the Cardinal Glass product in Point #1 available for purchase anywhere for replacements in my old Pozzi (Jeldwen) sashes? The only other option is Clear-Clear (non LoE) to match an adjacent Clear-Clear picture window (non LoE). This blue & purple cast is unacceptable. Any Ideas??

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Cardinal Glass is one of the largest manufacturers of glazing in the country. You'll have to call your local glass shops to determine availability, but any glass dealer should be able to order any type of Cardinal glazing product.

    Note that in some cases, it's easier to replace the whole sash than to re-glaze the sash, although reglazing should be possible. If you need to replace the whole sash, then of course you're stuck with whatever Marvin offers.

  2. Riversong | | #2

    Hardcoat LowE scatters the blue spectrum of light less than soft (sputtered) coat LowE. But all LowE coatings will show some color change when there is a light intensity differential on the two sides.

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