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Low flow suggestions

Muddytyres | Posted in General Questions on

We’re planning to upgrade our fixtures to low flow with our remodel. I would appreciate suggestions on brands or types of shower and toilets  to avoid or pursue.
Also-the 75′ run of pretty flat from the downstairs toilet to the septic, is this going to be an issue with clogs for low flow toilets?


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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    Higher slope is apparently more of a problem than low, higher slope the liquid can out run the solids causing problems

    I have been happy with Toto dual flush, but all brands have different upsides and downsides

  2. user-36575 | | #2

    Testing the flushing capability of a huge number of toilets:

    They also have a lot of standard information about toilet selection at their main website page.
    Note that flush capability is one thing. Noise can be another issue. Some toilets are very loud, so check customer reviews.
    I'd go with a major brand that gets good ratings, then pick the model that suits your needs and budget.
    Aside: unless you have special design constraints, get a taller (ADA compliant) seat height, and get an elongated bowl, not round.

  3. RussMill | | #3

    As far as flat drains, not a big deal. In fact flat or steep in a 3 inch or larger pipe is fine. The water outrunning the terds is a myth. Many worry about it but find me evidence of it. Ive tried!

  4. Jon_R | | #4

    I like Toto. The only other I would consider is pressurized (loud).

  5. Expert Member
    AKOS TOTH | | #5

    I've had very good luck with these low flush units (HENNESSY AND HINCHCLIFFE 3.0L):

    Replaced even some older dual flush ones at my rentals. Definitely makes a difference on house water use, quiet and most importantly work. It is a single flush, but that use is lower than the low flush on most dual flush toilets.

    My beef is with some dual flush toilets is they don't make it very obvious which button is for how much water. Unless you make an effort, most people just end up using only one of the buttons.

    For low flow, one thing to watch is kitchen faucets, I made the mistake of pickup up one. It took forever to fill pots, had to take it apart and re-machine the aerator to get the flow back to usable levels.

  6. tommay | | #6

    Rather than investing in new, low flow fixtures, try closing the valves under the sink until you get the desired flow you feel is good. Most shower valves have a volume control, learn how to use it. I wouldn't skimp on the toilet, I've seen to many clogs due to lack of water volume. Same goes for kitchen sinks.....I tell people to occasionally let the sink fill up while doing dishes so you get a good flushing of kitchen waste if you allow waste to go down the drain in the first place.

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